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How does Jeju Travel PASS work?

1. Visit our website or smartphone APP, choose attractions you'd like to visit and add them.2. Once you've chosen 1 or more attractions, you'll see how much you saved and the gate prices — the more you add, the more you save!3. Choose the number people in your party and make payments. 4. Your pass is ready instantly: print out the PASS on the website and your email, or save it in your smartphone!

How much will I save with Jeju Travel PASS?

It depends how many attractions you want to visit using Jeju Travel Pass. Generally, the more attractions you buy, the higher the savings.

How long is my PASS valid for?

60 days. Passes are valid for 60 calendar days from the date of purchase.

Does my Jeju Travel PASS expire?

Yes. You have 60 days from the date of purchase to use. After 60 days, it will be expired.

What is the refund policy?

We know sometimes travel plans change, even at the very last minute. If you don't end up activating or using your pass within 7days of the purchase date, you will get refund exclusive of a cancellation fee. You will receive your refund via our website only. Refund process will take maximum of 30 days follow card cancel process.* This built-in cancellation policy regarding electronic commerce is governed by Korean law.If you have any questions about refund policy, please email our Customer service Team at Please note that activated passes are non-refundable.

Can I purchase a single attraction?

Yes! Some of our Jeju attractions packages are available for individual purchase. Don't forget though, the more attractions you add to your pass the higher the savings!

How will my PASS be delivered?

Your pass will be immediately available to download and/or print after the payment.
You will also receive a JPG file attached to the confirmation email.

How do I open my PASS?

If you use website or email, your pass will be delivered with a JPG document. You need to have a JPG reader to open your pass.
When you use Smart phone APP, you can download PASS image to your phone.

How do I use my PASS at an attraction?

Each traveler and group will have his/her or their own Jeju Travel Pass, containing a unique QR code. At most attractions, just show your Jeju Travel Pass at the ticket window. The attendant will scan your pass (printed paper or phone) and return it to you.

What is the age range for a Child PASS?

Generally, Child Passes are for children ages 3-18. Most attractions do not charge for children under 3 years old. However, there are some exceptions; you need to check instructions for each attraction. If you have a child under 3 years old, please check with the attraction directly in advance. You may be charged at the gate.

Do I need to make reservations?

Some of attractions such as experience programs and entertainment shows may require reservations. While most do not require reservations, please check "Revervation" sign and read detailed information for each of your selected attractions to see if a reservation is required.

Can I visit an attraction more than once?

No, you can visit attractions only once.

Can I add or remove an attraction from a Pre-built packages?

Pre-built packages have higher savings than what you would get if you had built it yourself. Thus, you cannot remove attractions from a pre-built package. However, you can purchase extra attractions if you want to. Exceptionally, you do not need to select minimum of 2 attractions if you choose pre-built package.

Can I really skip ticket lines?

Yes, you can! Since you already have your paid admission on your hands, many of our attraction partners allow you to go straight to the gate, skipping the ticket line (except for some attractions). Check "Skip the line" sign on information page of each attraction and check where it is and how it works.

Why can't I see how much I pay for each attraction?

We guarantee that you'll pay less than at the door when buying attractions together, but unfortunately our partners ask us not to disclose the unpublished rates they offer us. We show you the overall discounted price, but not on a per-attraction basis.

Are Koreans can not use Jeju Travel PASS?

Jeju Travel PASS was developed for foreign individual travelers. Korean travelers and foreign group travelers are not available for using this service. Each attractions can require passport or ID to prove that foreigners according to the need. And attractions may be limited in its use.But, Korean can buy Jeju Travel Pass only for gift to foreign travelers.

What is the 'Car & Guide'?

Car & Guide is day tour package included guide and transportations. All tour guides are bilingual and well versed in traveling around Jeju. Build up unforgettable memories with customized tour package for you.

How can I use 'Car & Guide'?

If you buy 'Car & Guide', guide will send email to you to build up travel plans and arrange the pickup service. You can make your own traveling plan with guide.

How to make a reservation ?

When you buy the PASS which needs a reservation, you need to make a reservation by phone number on the detailed attraction page. If you visit the attraction without reservation, you will be needed to either wait for entrance or visit next time. To make a reservation, tell them your pass number (upon QR code) and the time you want to visit. You can make a reservation before 1 day from date of visit and you can change reservation until 1 day ago from date of visit.
*Caution: If you don't visit attraction after reservation, your pass can be terminated.

How can I use 'Coupons'?

You can add your 'coupons' when you purchase the PASS for tour attractions. And then you can use coupons in your Pass when you purchase at shops of Jeju PASS member. Just show your coupon and get a discount before you make order!

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